Our strategy

House of Europe is an EU-funded programme fostering professional and creative exchange between Ukrainians and their colleagues in EU countries. The programme focuses on different professional fields: culture and creative industries, education, health, social entrepreneurship, media, and youth. 

This encompasses 20+ separate programme lines enabling to go for conferences, professional events, internships, and networking in the EU, or to enrol in study tours, residencies, trainings, and other forms of support. House of Europe funds cultural coproductions and cooperations between Ukrainian and EU organisations, along with the development of cultural infrastructure and artistic concepts for youth in Ukraine. Finally, the programme offers various youth camps and an intra-Ukrainian university exchange.


Our structure

Culture and creative industries
  • Mobility grants
  • Study tours for creative hub managers
  • Study tours for culture and creative industries’ professionals
  • International cooperation grants
  • Infrastructure support grants
  • Translation grants
  • Residencies
  • Cultural Leadership Academy
  • Creative Enterprise Ukraine
  • Creative Entrepreneurship in the regions
Social entrepreneurship
  • Mobility grants
  • Study tours
  • Mobility grants for professionals in the education sector
  • Study tours
  • Inter-regional university exchanges
  • Mobility grants for youth workers
  • Active Citizens
  • Creative Youth Training
  • European Youth Camps
  • Mobility grants
  • Mobility grants
  • Mid-term study tours
  • Long-term study tours
  • Mobility grants for professionals in culture and the creative industries
  • Mobility grants for social entrepreneurs
  • Гранти мобільності для спеціалістів сектору освіти
  • Mobility grants for youth workers
  • Mobility grants for media professionals
  • Mobility grants for professionals in the health sector
  • International cooperation grants
  • Infrastructure grants
  • Translation grants
  • COVID-19 response
Study tour
  • Digital lab for art residencies managers
  • For social entrepreneurs
  • For educators
  • For health professionals
  • Creative Business Academy
  • Creative Enterprise Ukraine
  • Active Citizens Camps
  • European Youth Camps
  • International residencies
  • University exchanges
  • Cultural leadership academy
  • Creative Youth
What is this website all about?

This website, together with the social media channels of House of Europe, is more than just a page about the programme. Over the course of time, it will grow into an information platform going far beyond the opportunities of House of Europe, covering the wide range of EU opportunities available to Ukrainians.

House of Europe all over Ukraine

At House of Europe, we are convinced that we should go where our support and information are needed the most: beyond the Kyiv bubble, out in the regions. House of Europe comes with dedicated features reaching out to mid-sized and small cities. Partnering with local hubs, creative entrepreneurship in the regions is stimulated, whereas the Mobile Pavilion sets the House of Europe concept on the move.

House of Europe Consortium Partners

Implementation of House of Europe Programme is led by Goethe-Institut Ukraine with The British Council Ukraine, Institut français d’Ukraine and Czech Centres as Consortium Partners. All organisations have long and profound experience in working with culture, civil society, and further sectors in Ukraine, as well as in facilitating intercultural exchange and cooperation — qualities they bring into the House of Europe.

All Consortium Partners are members of the European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC) network. The Ukrainian cluster of EUNIC consists of 18 cultural organisations who form the Steering Committee of the House of Europe.

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Our donors and partners

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