Alumni community

We are the hub for opportunities for creative and professional exchanges, but we are also a community. Participants of our programmes share a lot: they are the change-makers, the enthusiasts, the experts, and explorers in their sector.

To unite thousands of these like-minded people, we created a community for participants of our programmes — the platform to meet and plan the next big thing.


Acquaintances all around Europe

27 EU countries and Great Britain, 24 Ukrainian regions, and 6 professional sectors — the community brings together people with different geographies and professional backgrounds. They are your future partners, speakers, or experts to provide feedback on your ideas, and simply your friends.


Communication with fellow-minded people

Keep in touch, whatsoever the kilometres between you. Discuss everyday issues in the private group on Facebook and leave the big plans for meetings in person at our networking events.


Even more grants

We have already supported your idea, and we are ready to do it again. We have special grants to support the hackathons, conferences, and workshops by lecturers from the EU in a Ukrainian town organised by you. Realise the project on your own or team up with other participants of the community.


Announcements to stay tuned for

The community is alive: we will be adding new opportunities and large-scale networking events, together with members organising meetups and discussing professional issues. For you to keep up to date with the events, we announce all of the important news in the private Facebook group and update the portal regularly.


Like it! How do I get access to the community?

We will send the invitations to join the community to participants of our programmes via email. We will invite those who are done with final reports. 

We invite participants of mobility and translation grants, study tours, international residencies, university exchanges, Сultural Leadership Academy, Creative Youth programme, European Youth Camps, as well as our workshops and seminars.

We also invite participants of Creative Enterprise Ukraine and Active Citizens that participated in the programmes in summer 2019 and later. 

Teams and organisations that have participated in cooperation and digital cooperation grants, won the hatathon “Hack The Culture”, or received the follow-up grants afterwards must choose two people each to represent them in the community. We will ask you to do so in an email to your organisation.

The participants of stipends for professionals in culture and creative industries are not considered alumni, but we hope they will join us after participation in another House of Europe programme.


Our live updates in social networks

Be the first to know about new opportunities right next door or abroad. We tell you right away what is in store for you and how to go for it.

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